Why are Fidget Toys So Popular?

fidget toys
It seems that fidget toys are the new in thing, very popular with children they are also gaining popularity with adults. For many users they can be much more than a simple toy, they can be an aid to stress relief or help with a persons focus.

Fidget toys come in many different forms, they can be a cube with different gears and buttons to press or twiddle with or the popular spinning toys. They all generally have some degree of moving parts which are controlled by the user.

Fidget toys can be used by everyone and the best fidget toys may be simple but i4u.com has an interesting article on how anxiety and even ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) symptoms may be improved by use of fidget toys.

Research shows that directed movement can enhance learning in some children. Even more, it is necessary for some children in order to get them to calm down and focus. Some people just need two forms of stimulation – like people who play music when they work or have the television on when they’re cleaning.

Source: Fidget Toys Gaining Popularity: How They Work

Walwh  Fidget Cube

Walwh Fidget Cube

Colorful six sided fidget tool, great for children or adults who need something to keep them focused.This fidget cube has some of the most eye ...

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