SoundPEATS-Q9A Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Headphones

Low cost sports earbuds, perfect for the gym.

The Soundpeats Q9A are in-ear earbuds that are supplied with three pairs of eartips to ensure a comfortable fit. The flexible earhooks fit around the ear and make for a very secure set of headphones even during vigorous exercise.

The Bluetooth 4.1 and AptX technology perform well in giving a rich sound with a reliable connection. The sound quality is never going to match the quality of the more expensive sports headphones on the market, but it does match or beat that of similar priced rivals.

A full battery charge will give about 4 to 5 hours of continuous playback, while not a huge amount it is suited to the gym or sports user these are aimed at. Charging takes around 1 to 2 hours, just plug in a micro USB cable and away you go.

The built in mic enables you to answer your phone hands free for added convenience.

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8 Total Score
Lightweight wireless sports headphones

The Soundpeats Q9 wireless earbuds are a very good set of headphones for the low cost, but the build quality has to suffer to get to that low price point

Sound quality is reasonable for most users who will be using these earbuds at the gym or while running but for if you have a discerning ear then you may have to think about more expensive headphones

The earbuds fit well and are secure even when performing rigorous exercise and they are one of your best choices for low cost wireless sports earbuds.

  • Very lightweight.
  • Secure, comfortable fit.
  • Low-cost.
  • Average sound quality.
  • Low build quality
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Bluetooth 4.1 wireless sports earbuds with three sets of earbuds for a perfect fit. Earhooks ensure a secure fit when performing vigorous exercise.

SoundPEATS Q9A feature AptX technology ...


SoundPEATS-Q9A Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Headphones

Critics Reviews

68 Score on December, 2015.

SoundPeats Q9A review – CNET

On the plus side, the headphone is lightweight and relatively comfortable to wear. I couldn’t get a tight seal from any of the soft-tip earbuds that are included, but like the Beats, this isn’t really designed to have a tight seal, so expect some ambient noise to leak in (and don’t expect huge bass).

Source: SoundPeats Q9A review – CNET

75 Score on unknown date.

Soundpeats Q9A Sports Earphones Review –

If you aren’t concerned with audio fidelity and just want a comfortable pair of earphones to work out or bring on public transport, then they will suit you fine.

Source: Soundpeats Q9A Sports Earphones Review

85 Score on September, 2015.

Review of the SoundPEATs Q9A Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

SoundPEATs has been a huge player in the wireless earbuds market for quite some time now. Their latest release, the Q9A Earbuds, provide a secure, comfortable, and completely wire-free experience without any hiccups. Packed with some of the most recent advancements in wireless audio, you no longer have to settle for sub-par quality when you want to listen to your favorite tunes without being tangled in wires and cords. First released in the UK, but now available in the United States, we had the opportunity to get our hands on the SoundPEATs Q9A Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds to check them out

Source: Review of the SoundPEATs Q9A Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

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