Redragon Centrophorus Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Review

8.5 Total Score
Introducing the Centrophorus Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Set

The ‘WASD’ keys and the direction keys can be permanently changed with the supplied tool. The Windows lock function is great to stop inadvertently swapping to the desktop.The 12 multimedia keys enable you to control sound and vision options while remaining in full screen mode.Centrophorus mouse has 8 built in weights to aid with gaming performance. Easily select from 1000/1600/2000 DPI using one of the six mouse buttons.A great value gaming keyboard and mouse set, the 6 button mouse is outstanding and out performs many more expensive mice.

Value For Money
Build Quality
  • Excellent weighted mouse
  • Great value
  • Multimedia keys
  • Keyboard lighting is limited
  • Can’t turn off LED lighting

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Redragon S101 Vajra USB Gaming Keyboard with Centrophorus USB Gaming Mouse

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Gaming Keyboard Specifications:

– 104 standard keys – 19 keys without conflict – 12 multimedia keys – 11 guide holes at the bottom – 2 input speed adjusting gear – The “WASD” keys and “? ? ? ?” keys can swap function – WIN keys can be disabled in the game – Laser engraving and never wear – 1000 grams of the vertical pullout force – 55 grams of the best key pressure grams – 12mm large diameter comfort the silica-gel bowl – 150cm high-speed USB wire – 3mm diameter high strength data line – Button durability: 10 million clicks – Wire bending durability: 10.000 times – 10kg maximum pulling force wires – 200 grams of built-in heavier steel plate – ABS high strength. environment friendly plastic – Cool red lights – Character design

Gaming Mouse Specifications:

– 2000 DPI – 4000 FPS – 15G ACC – Super fast game engine – Long-lasting teflon feet pads. slide easily – ABS high strength. environment friendly plastic – Trendy backlight – 6 function buttons – 8 built-in weights – 3 speed switch 1000/1600/2000 – 2 side buttons – 8mm width antiskid roller – 180cm high-speed USB wire – 3mm diameter high strength fiber wire – Button durability : 10 million clicks – Wire bending durability : 10.000 times – 10kg maximum pulling force wires – Antioxidant gold-plated USB interface – Imitation skin texture anti-slide surface – Comfortable ergonomic design

Other Reviews

88%Amazon – Centrophorus Keyboard and Mouse Review

by amazon users

on Jan, 2016

The buttons press like the older style keyboards which are lovely. The keys have a nice texture to them which allow for a nicer sensation on the fingers. The mouse is of amazing standards and I would recommend looking at the reviews for it separately if you want more background.’

The Centrophorus mouse was definitely the stand out part of this keyboard and mouse set, the mouse was praised for its comfort levels and accuracy.

The keyboard layout is set for the US and this has reduced the rating by UK amazon reviewers.

90%justanaverageuser-REDRAGON Keyboard and Mouse Set Review

by justanaverageuser83

on December, 2014.  (Score is estimated from positive review)

‘The REDRAGON mouse and keyboard feel and build quality is really good, it definitely does not feel cheap at all. No loose parts or rattling and the braided cord really feels sturdy. ‘

An in-depth review that was extremely impressed by the quality of the set, the only negative was the inability to turn off the LED lighting. Gaming Mouse Keyboard Set Review

by James Braga

on August, 2015.

‘When you get down to it the REDRAGON S101 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a nice fair priced set. You can do about what ever you want to with it and have no bad hiccups. ‘

Generally impressed, disappointed with lack of software to customise the two mouse thumb buttons.