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Mpow Swift

The Mpow Swift wireless headphones are a great choice for those people who want an inexpensive set of headphone for the gym or while running.

While the sound quality is not spectacular it is better than many will expect at this price point. The earbuds do a good job of blocking out most , but not all of the background noise.

Where the Mpow Swift's do excel is in the fit, because of the six sets of ear stabilizers and three sizes of ear tip you should be able to find a comfortable secure fit.

The battery life of 5 hours of playback from 1 charge and 175 hours in standby is pretty good for sports earbuds. The bluetooth connectivity is very good and the quoted 10m range seems to be about right.

While the build quality is not the best these headphones should last quite a while with reasonable care and they are backed up by an 18-month warranty & 45 days money-back guarantee.

Sound Quality
Comfort and Fit
Build Quality
Battery Life and Features
  • Adaptable fitting options aid comfort.
  • Low Price.
  • Lightweight.
  • Can connect to two devices simultaneously.
  • 5 Hours playback from 1 charge.
  • 175 hours in standby.
  • The earphone cable is to long.
  • Buttons are small and can be pressed in error.
  • Headphone volume level is independant of phone volume.

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A great choice for gym users and runners, sweatproof design with a configurable close fitting system.The battery life of 5 hours of playback from 1 charge and 175 hours in standby is pretty good ...

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Critics Reviews

90 Estimated Score on April, 2015.


They are inexpensive, remained in my ears without falling out during exercising, connected to two devices at the same time, provided almost seven hours of listening time, charged in less than two hours, and they sounded wonderful and provided strong enough bass for me to eagerly replace my wired Philips pair

Source: MPOW Swift Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones review

85 Estimated Score on October 2015.


When it comes to headphones, I’m a firm believer in that you get what you pay for. Undoubtedly there are diminishing returns above a certain price point but the bundled headphones that used to come with mobile phones were complete rubbish in terms of both their build quality and audio characteristics. Fortunately, those days … →

Source: Mpow Swift Bluetooth Headphones Review – Geek News Central

65 Estimated Score on October 2015.


Where are the disadvantages? The major one is the plastic housing and it’s location nearby the ears. The result is disastrous! It’s seems like the housing collects and amplifies all kind of noise such as foot steps, the wind or the movement of the headphone cable around the neck.

Source: Mpow Swift review – HEADPHONE COACH – Medium

82 Score on September 2015.


We analyze the best features of the Mpow Swift. We think these are a great value, but there are several important flaws you will want to know about.

Source: Mpow Swift Review | Best Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds