Best Gaming Keyboards

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The importance of a good quality gaming keyboard and mouse should not be overlooked when creating a gaming setup.

The correct gaming keyboard may not make you a better player but it will make your experience a smoother more pleasurable one.

There are gaming keyboards suitable for all, some of the budget membrane keyboards offer fantastic value for money while the mechanical gaming keyboards offer increased response times and functionality.

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Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are the preferred gaming keyboards among PC gamers.

The mechanical keyboards have a mechanical switch under each key which offers the manufacturers the ability to set actuation depths for quicker and more accurate recording of key strokes.

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Membrane Keyboards

Membrane keyboards are a cheaper gaming keyboard option.

A conductive plastic membrane creates an electrical contact when a key is pressed on these keyboards, it tends to not be as responsive as the mechanical type but is generally much quieter than mechanical keyboards.

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razor black widow gaming keyboardNo 1: Editors Choice

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Gaming Keyboard

[asa toptenminimal]B00OBPTZ6U[/asa]
The Razor Blackwidow features top quality mechanical switches for ultimate speed and precision when gaming. This keyboard comes with quite a hefty price tag, but it is has been tested by eSports gamers to ensure you want be disappointed.
The noise from the keys is also quiter than some other mechanical gaming more

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TeckNet Gryphon Pro Gaming KeyboardNo 2: Great Value Keyboard

TeckNet Gryphon Pro Gaming Keyboard

[asa toptenminimal]B010O3L8T4[/asa]
The TeckNet Gaming Keyboard and Mouse set has a very aggressive styling and striking LED illuminated keys but it is certainly not style over substance.There are three adjustable backlight colors to choose from and mapping the macros to specific keys is also helps to customise this keyboard how you wish. This is quite a large keyboard and so if your desk space is cramped this may not be best choice for you. This is an excellent value keyboard for those who don’t want to invest in a mechanical keyboard. read more

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Redragon Centrophorus Gaming Keyboard & Mouse No 3:  

Centrophorus Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Set

[asa toptenminimal]B00K0N50KW[/asa]
Another impressive gaming keyboard and mouse set. The textured keys have a similar feel to the mor expensive mechanical keyboards but it the mouse that impresses the most. The mouse is accurate and praised for its comfort when playing for extended periods. The mouse can also be personalised using weigths and has three different DPi settings (1000,1600 and 2000 DPi).

The LED lighting is limited to just the sides of the keyboard and cannot be switched off unfortunately.

. read more

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Sumvision Kane Pro Keyboard and mouseNo 4: Great Value Keyboard

Sumvision Kane PRO gaming keyboard and mouse

[asa toptenminimal]B00J2U3D7G[/asa]
If you are after a great budget gaming keyboard and mouse set then the Nemesis Kane set by Sumvision is hard to fault.At this price range the keyboard is obviously not mechanical,it was still found to be responsive if a little louder than expected.
The mouse is also highly rated and has four DPi settings(800,1200,1600 and 2400 dpi). Both the keyboard and mouse are backlit, the keyboard has three preset colors while the mouse continously color shifts.. read more