Diy Fidget Toy Ideas

Fidget-CubeEver since the fidget toy burst onto the scene there have been many diy versions created by tech savvy individuals.

If you be lucky enough to have access to a 3D printer then you should find this list of DIY fidget toys of great interest. Most of the models are completely free to use under the Creative Commons agreement.

For the rest of us there are many great fidget toys you can buy very cheaply.

A-ha, but for folks with a little technological savvy, you don’t have to hand over any cash. With a desktop 3D printer, there are many excellent Fidget Cube alternatives you can make now, today, and fidget away until your fingers are numb.

Source: 31 Great DIY Fidget Toys & Fidget Cube Alternatives | All3DP

Walwh  Fidget Cube

Walwh Fidget Cube

Colorful six sided fidget tool, great for children or adults who need something to keep them focused.This fidget cube has some of the most eye ...

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