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Bluedio T2S Wireless Headphone Review

Bluedio-T2S Wireless Headphones

Great value wireless Headphones

The bluedio T2S Turbine headphones are a great value set of on ear wireless headphones, as well as being blue-tooth they can also be connected by an ordinary 3.5mm cable. This is great if your battery should be flat.

The battery life of these speakers is truly remarkable, blue-tooth playtime is 40 hours and 45 hours talk time when using the mic for calls.The headphones can be charged from flat to fully charge in roughly 2 hours.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about these speakers is the 57mm ultra big driver which makes for excellent sounding bass. The downside to this is that subtle details in the audio can be muffled. A little tweaking with an equaliser app should be enough to produce the sound style you prefer.

Although the headphones feature lots of plastic the build quality is good and they are comfortable to wear for extended periods.

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8.8 Total Score
Fantastic battery life

Excellent value wireless speakers that offer a great heavy bass sound which works well for most audio. Sound leakage is not terrible but may be an issue in some environments.

The 40 hour bluetooth battery life is outstanding.

  • Lightweight.
  • 40 hour bluetooth play time.
  • Great for electronic and bass heavy music.
  • Can be played very loud.
  • Some sound leakage.
  • Slight background static when silent.
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Great value wireless Headphones

On ear wireless headphones that feature a 57mm ultra big driver for a powerful bass sound. Perfect for modern bass heavy rock, pop and hip-hop styles. ...

Bluedio-T2S Wireless Headphones

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85 (Estimated Score) on March, 2016

The Bluedio T2S is fitted with extra wide speaker drivers. At 57mm each, these are possibly the widest drivers you will find in a pair of budget wireless headphones. As a result, audio output is generally good, with heavy bass, balanced mids and mild treble.

Source: Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphone Review – British Sounds

85(Estimated Score) on March, 2016.

When you have a job like mine where you spend a lot of hours in the back or front of a cab or in air planes going from one city to another, it always helps to carry some parts of your daily routine along with you. For me this is largely my podcasts and to […]

Source: Review – Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphones | MostlyNerd

53 Score on September, 2015.

So for those who are looking at a product in this sort of price range I’d wager that are likely to be quite happy with the acoustic abilities these possess and they are more likely to be simply ecstatic that they can get audio pumped to their ears, wire free.

Source: Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphones Review – MobileTechTalk

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