The Best Bluetooth Headphones of 2017

Choosing the Right Bluetooth Headphones


Why go wireless? Which bluetooth headphones should you buy?

There has recently been a massive increase in the uptake of bluetooth wireless headphones, with so much competetion manufacturers have had to up their game.

The latest bluetooth headphones now offer a comparable audio quality to that of there wired competion, many use the built in battery required for bluetooth to power noise canceling features. Once you have tried wireless headphones the wired variety will quickly seem cumbersome and so last year.

Why wired headphones still have their place

Bluetooth audio quality is the best it has ever been but it still remains a compressed data system and as such will always struggle to match the quality of a pure wired set of headphones. Headphone makers have done extensive work in enhancing bluetooth technology to minimise quality issues.

If you are a serious audiophile then you will probably best sticking with your wired headphones, or maybe get a second cheaper bluetooth set as well.

Choosing a wireless headphone form factor? Over ear, on ear or in ear?

  • Over Ear Wireless Headphones
    Over ear headphones do a great job of isolating the outside world and also tend to be the most comfortable for extended use.
    The large size of over ear headphones make them less suitable for audio on the move.
  • On Ear Wireless Headphones.
    A good choice for those listeners who want headphones they can use on the move in a more compact profile than over the ear headphones. They are more liable to outside noise interference but noise canceling technology can remedy this. As the headphones are resting directly on the ears the fit and quality of the ear cups is paramount.
  • In ear Headphones (earbuds)
    The small size of in ear headphones make them headphone of choice for many gym users and runners, they offer a lightweight and generally secure fit when exercising but the sound quality tends to not match the quality of the larger styles.

What to Look for when buying Bluetooth Headphones

    • Sound Quality
      The obvious place to star when it comes to choosing any pair of headphones is the audio quality, sound quality is a hard thing to quantify but a wide frequency response will offer the best chance of hearing clear high and low tones.
      Curating reviews from many sources will also tend to balance out any one reviewers preference.
    • Battery Life
      Battery life has improved alongside the bluetooth technology with the larger size of on ear and over ear headphones giving playback times upto 40 hours. Some headphones can also be used with a wire if your battery is dead or for non bluetooth connection.
      The smaller form in ear sports headphones can still have battery life around 5 hours, more than you need for a single training session.
    • Connection Strength
      With each new bluetooth version the reliability of the signal has improved, with Bluetooth 4.0 audio drops outs have been reduced.
      The range for bluetooth connection varies greatly and how important this is depends on your usage requirements.

Noise Cancellation

If you are using your headphones in noisy situations it may well be worth looking for headphones with some degree of noise canceling.

    • Active Noise canceling
      This uses technological wizardry to counter any outside noise.The best headphones do a remarkably good job of blocking out extraneous sound, others less so.
    • Passive Noise Canceling
      These work on the headphones physical ability to isolate the outside world. Over ear headphones tend to do the best job of isolating sound but all headphones will isolate sound to some degree


cowin e7 wireless headphones

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