8.5 Total Score
Accurate Colour Palettes from BenQ

BenQ has a very impressive range of home theater projectors and the W2000 is another great performer.
The W2000 is a great value projector that is excellent for those who will be viewing in general room settings where some ambient light will be present.

Watching fast moving sports and movies is handled well, with great motion handling. It is a good choice for large screen gaming with a lag time of 50ms. The easy set-up of the projector is also to be commended, the Rec.709 color palette offers an extremely accurate representation of what the director envisaged when watching Blu-rays.

If you are going to use the projector as your audio source you will find the inbuilt speakers are some of the best, it does a great job of pushing the sound from the projector to give a more immersive feeling. Projectors will always have difficulty with in-built speakers because of the direction of the audio compared with the image.

The 3D performance is outstanding and a massive plus point if you watch lots of 3D content.
Where the projector does struggle somewhat is with the deepness of the blacks on screen and with the detail in image shadows, dark areas can be single blocks of black with no detail whatsoever.
Some people may also find they can see some mild rainbow effects.

Overall the BenQ W2000 does an excellent job straight out of the box, accurate colors, strong in-built speakers and brilliant 3D playback.

Picture Quality
Value For Money
Sound Quality
  • Accurate cinematic colours.
  • Great value.
  • Easy set-up.
  • Excellent 3D performance.
  • Excellent speakers.
  • Black levels lack depth.
  • Some mild rainbow effects.
  • No USB digital file playback.

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The W2000 has 20 W built-in speakers which are housed in special chambers for a realistic full sound, the MaxxAudio powered BenQ Audio Enhancer also helps to boost the sound quality even further. ...





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Critics Reviews

Top Rated Home Theater Projectors

80Score on November 2015.


The lovely delicacy of the W2000’s colour handling helps pictures to look unusually detailed for such an affordable full HD projector and there’s never a sense that any similar tones are just ‘running into each other’.

Source: BenQ W2000 review | TrustedReviews

85Estimated Score on Date unknown.


The impression of copious detail also owes a large debt to the superb balance the W2000 achieves between colour tones. There are no major problems with colour banding or…

Source: BenQ W2000 review – Projectors

90Score on December 2015.


However, as well as simple set-up and a short-throw lens, BenQ thinks you want something else, too – HD colour reproduction of the very highest quality.

Source: BenQ W2000 review | TechRadar

80Score on May 2016.


Nothing is ever overblown or overdone – it’s superbly balanced for a projector of this price, of which lesser ones might push colour saturation up to achieve a punchier, but less natural picture.

Source: BenQ W2000 review | What Hi-Fi?