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Amazon Fire Tv

4K Extremely HD Streaming Media Participant

The new version of the Fire Tv from amazon now supports 4k Ultra. For those of you waiting get to get a fix of 4k on your new tv this is an excellent choice. If you are a member of amazon prime this is probably the simplest way to view new 4k streams, amazon prime has a growing number of tv shows and movies available in 4K.

Even if you are not a member of amazon prime you can still watch 1080p high definition titles from the likes of Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV and many more services.

The new Amazon Fire Tv has been improved with a more powerful processor, the dedicated graphices engine helps everything move quickly and look sharp. Wi-Fi has also been improved.

The voice search function of the dedicated remote makes searching nice and easy and works much better than you might expect.

If you have amazon prime this would be a great choice, somewhat less so if you don’t. The apps available on amazon store is good but doesn’t bare comparison to what is available on the Google Play Store.

8.5 Total Score
Great for Amazon Prime customers.

There is no doubting the excellent value of the hardware in the Fire Tv box, it is fast and responsive. This 2nd gen box is not as obviously tied to its Amazon master as the first but the bias still remains.If you are a member of Amazon Prime and need your 4K content then this is a great choice.

  • Great Value.
  • Alexa voice control, works surprisingly well.
  • Amazon Prime bias, good or bad depending on your circumstances.
  • No direct access to Google Play Store.
  • Product
  • Specification

4K Ultra HD Streaming Media Player

Amazon Fire TV, now 4K Ultra HD compatible. Enjoy movies and TV episodes in stunning 4K Ultra HD with your compatible 4K UHD TV.No 4K UHD TV? No ...


Video Review

Critics Reviews by Editor on Oct. 2015

The new Amazon Fire TV is just as capable a streaming media hub as the original, with the benefit of 4K video and improved voice search through Alexa. You won’t readily notice the difference from the first Fire TV unless you have a 4K-capable HDTV… by Pete Sibthorp on Oct. 2015

Overall this gadget is fantastic and I have been very happy with the ease of use and picture quality. What prevents me from giving 4 stars is that amazon have made it far from clear how many 4k tvs wont actually get the 4K benefits from this device and this is only going to disappoint a lot of people. by Dave James on Sep 2016.

The Amazon Fire TV is arguably the best-value 4K Ultra HD media streamer available on the market right now. I say ‘arguably’ only because of the utter bias towards Amazon content in the Fire TV’s OS.

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What is Kodi?

Sideloading apps on to Amazon Fire Tv and Amazon Fire Tv Stick.